To succeed in any project, it is important to take the time to understand your opponent. Digital marketing and online advertising are increasing trends, drawing more and more businesses into their fold. You are a local electrical contracting business. In this scenario, you face real challenges from other established electricians. You have little resources and less time, and if you are to beat the competition, you need to implement a winning digital marketing strategy. It should be a combination of marketing efforts, advertising methods, and strategies that help you succeed.

To assist you in your endeavor to greater online success, we have put together a list of tips that you can apply to your campaign. They have been designed to ensure maximum gains from online advertising and to help you move up the ladder and gain prominence.

1. Sufficient Online Ad Budget

For any form of digital marketing to succeed, you will need a budget. Online advertising is time-consuming, and it is crucial that you set a budget that is good enough to yield results. However, online advertising needs more time and money, and there is always room for improvement.

Ensure that your monthly advertisement budget is substantial enough, something close to 20% of your anticipated annual revenue. If you are a small electrical business, 20% of your revenue may seem like a lot, but it is worth it.

Your customers will notice, and the results you desire are less likely to elude you. An advertisement budget set aside for paid advertising is considered an investment and should not be compromised.

2. A Single Goal for The Campaign

When you embark on any advertising campaign, do so with a specific goal in mind. Each ad posted and each ad clicked on should help you achieve your target online. If you are an electrician, your target could be to rank number one for “electrician” in your locality, city, or state. The front runner will ensure that you are giving your potential customers exactly what they need at the right time.

Take your time and conduct every piece of content with a purpose, or it will dilute your focus. Know why you are taking the route you are taking and find out what that affects. If you are an expert in home security, for example, you might want to go after home security systems or alarm systems.

Whatever your decision, remember that the work you put in online is not over after posting. Like any marketing method, you will need to monitor and update your ads.

3. A Strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

If you have ever tried going online as a fellow electrical contractor, you already know it isn’t easy. You could possibly be overshadowed, and none of your ads may stand out. How do you solve this? Well, you have a few options. You can increase your budget, maybe resort to increasing your ad output and content, but then, you may end up solving the problem.

One good way is to give yourself a unique selling proposition. Put up a website that clearly differentiates and separates you from other electrical contractors in your area. Give yourself a personality. Give your clients a reason to choose you over everybody else.

Make your audience believe your USP the most. Your USP is what your clients need to hear, and that is the essence that you have to sell. Before you create your ad, do your research and evaluate what sets you apart, what makes you a good business, and then make your audience believe that. This is how you get ahead of your competitors.

4. Find Your “Winning” Keywords

You can have the best quality ads, but they will do no good if you cannot find the best keywords to target. These will need to be keywords that have an existing search volume. It is also important that the keywords you use are not too competitive. This means that there are people actively searching for these keywords.

There is a great marketing tool that you can use to help you find these kinds of keywords, and this can be done easily by using our keyword tool. Take advantage of tools like Ahrefs, Moz, SemRush, etc., to find the most talked-about keywords and phrases related to your business. You could do a bit of research on Google and see what your potential clients are searching for. You could also be looking for keywords that your competitors are not using.

Once you have set your winning keywords like “solar panel installation” or “electrical panel upgrades for a hot tub” for your electrical business, you should work hard to dominate these keywords.

5. Understand the Conversion Funnel

This is a good one, and it will help you refine your marketing methods and strategy. The conversion funnel will play a significant role in your campaign, so it is important that you know how to use it. You should be familiar with this at all levels, and you don’t need to be a marketing expert to make use of it.

The conversion funnel is one of the best ways to get an idea of where a visitor is when they land on your site or when they are at a specific part of your site. This way, you can tell what content your visitors come on the site for, and this will help you run your campaign better.


Your campaign needs to be very tight and thorough. Once you have perfected everything, you will start seeing results, and you will be on your way to success. It is important that you don’t waste any effort and that you do not go off track. The main key to your marketing success is to establish a foundation that is micro-level. Some of the tips discussed above should help you identify your target audience and the keywords they are using; completing this will optimize your solution. Always remember that you want to stay on top of your game, and you should always be preparing for the next day’s work and whatever is to come.