Blogging consistently is hard for any business owner, but when it comes to writing blog posts specifically for an electrical company, your job becomes even harder. Not only do you have to write quality content that focuses on your products and services, but you also have to incorporate technical language—definitely not an ideal scenario!

When you consider the competition, your business will face online, it doesn’t take long to realize that writing engaging; relevant blog posts is vital to growing your online audience.

But how do you write blog posts relevant to your business while ensuring that readers get the information they need—easy-to-read and comprehensive content that focuses on your products and services?

Enlisted are seven blogging tips for electrical companies that will not only keep readers interested but will capture their attention. After all, what electrical service company doesn’t love to talk about their own electrical expertise?

Top 7 Blogging Tips for Electrical Companies

1. Answer Frequently Asked Electrical Questions

As an electrical service company, you’re bound to have a lot of experience with electrical equipment. This makes you a great personality to address frequently asked questions. For example, you can answer frequently asked questions like, “how to increase in electrical service from 100 amps to 200 amps,” or “tips on improving home office space to support work-from-home,” and many other questions that relate to your niche.

By enriching your visitors’ experience with such in-depth topics, you’ll come across as a knowledgeable expert who can be trusted. While these blog post ideas won’t directly lead you to revenue, they are essential to creating the trust crucial for conversion on sales pages, helping to close sales leads, or promoting your service plan, for example.

2. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

Writing useful and comprehensive blog posts is the key to making your audience interested and engaged, and ultimately making sales and increasing your business’s ROI. The longer you wait to make a post, the less time you’ll have to promote or link to said post.

You must understand that the key to successful blogging is not giving in to the temptation of churning out content. As tempting as it may be, the purpose of a blog is not to rush time in exchange for more blog posts. You don’t want to produce a lot of low-quality blog posts that will only serve to make you lose traffic and credibility. Prioritize quality over quantity every time because that’s what will define your visitors’ responses and opinions of your business.

Quality takes time, but don’t run away from this. Don’t be afraid to put in that extra effort to ensure that your blog is updated on a regular basis, even if that means you have to post fewer blog posts in the meantime. That being said, don’t let the quality bar slip at the expense of the quantity.

seo marketing for electricians who install EV Chargers3. Share Insights of Current Topics

If you participate in industry events or trade shows, share your takeaways and insights. Not only will this deepen your blog’s value, but it will also keep it up to date with current topics. For example, if you attend an electric car convention, you could launch a post series featuring “installing electric car chargers,” “installing Level 2 chargers for faster charging,” or “how to increase in electrical service from 100 amps to 200 amps” to name a few.

Become a contributor for a reputable publication in your field. Provide feedback on industry-wide news for your specific niche—show your professionalism and competence. If you haven’t been able to build a high number of guest contributors’ articles yet, use your blog as a way of promoting your own products and services.

4. Incorporate Helpful DIY-Guides with A Pinch of Your Expertise

Since your company specializes in upgrading, fixing, or creating electrical improvements, you can offer your customers the opportunity to fix some of the projects themselves. Make DIY guides that show how to do it themselves while keeping it simple. You can share tips and tricks to complete those projects and how to go about it without hiring a general contractor to get it done.

You can secure a partnership with your readers or customers to promote their projects. Include their insight, opinions, and even ask them questions to further help you enrich the blog post with a blend of customer’s and expert’s opinion. This helps you create more valuable and authoritative content while establishing yourself as a professional that doesn’t only know what you’re talking about but also that you can be a reference for others looking to accomplish the same or similar projects.

5. Interview Industry Leaders in Your Niche

Another great way to drive more traffic to your optimized electrician website is by creating interview posts. Interviews are a great way to establish you as an expert in your field and build your authority with your audience. Interviewing industry leaders in your niche can help you expand your reach and grow your audience. For example, interview an electrician on the funniest/most memorable job they’ve ever had.

Or interview a customer (someone like you!) and ask them why they chose your company to handle their electrical needs, how they felt about your service and what are their thoughts/feelings on electrical service companies in general. You can also write customer testimonials. The possibilities are endless!

simple tools and a simple seo strategy to get more calls6. Don’t Forget SEO

If you want to ensure that your blog posts and landing pages are bringing you long-term traffic and leads, make sure to implement SEO in your content. Try to incorporate targeted keywords that are relevant to your field in your headlines and your text. Also, be sure to build authoritative backlinks because this will help strengthen your blog’s value.

Focus on improving the content of existing pages on your blog. Furthermore, social media is a must-do when it comes to effective blogging. Build up your content with relevant hashtags relevant to your industry. If you can get a few likes, shares, or tweets, you’re on your way to increasing your blog’s outreach and, eventually, ROI.

7. Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition

As electricians, your competitors are other specialized electrical contractors. Don’t forget that you’re in a competitive niche and that ultimately the goal of your business is to drive more business! Therefore, it’s vital that you elevate your business in order to stand out from your competition.

With that in mind, remember that your blog posts are your bread and butter! Taking your time to make valuable, relevant, and interesting blog posts will serve your business well. From attracting more potential clients to increasing your SEO efforts, to simply making your business more knowledgeable and professional.

The sooner you start blogging, the better. If you don’t have time to start your blog today, at least build a content calendar, start brainstorming topic ideas you can cover, and start building a list of categories for your future blog posts. The longer you hesitate to start, the more competition you’ll have to face in the future.


The additional benefits of integrating these seven blogging tips into your electrician business’s blogging plan include increased traffic, purchase engagement, improved conversions, and leads.  Blog writing is part of a solid digital marketing strategy for your electrical business.

You can’t afford to get behind in the digital age. Successful blogging is about expertise, but it’s also about creating a reliable platform your audience can trust, and by integrating your own expertise with these blogging tips, your traffic and followings will grow every month, leading to more opportunities for your company.