Social media marketing has become such an integral part of the marketing mix of many small businesses that it would be reasonable to say it’s become the equivalent of a modern-day “free” advertising channel. Unfortunately, too many small businesses are simply tossing outposts to their social media channels without a clear thought process as to what they want to achieve or how they want to achieve it.

This lack of clarity with social media marketing goals and tactics can certainly limit the impact of a social media campaign on your bottom line.

However, if you develop well-organized and thorough social media post ideas, you can gain the valuable exposure and attention of your target audience to drive more sales or leads.  With some guidance, a proper digital marketing strategy for electricians should have a valuable return.

Here are some ideas for social media posts that electricians can use to market their businesses:

1. Customer Reviews

Whether you perform a service that requires your customers’ full trust or you simply offer a high-quality product, you should ask your customers to review you when they’re finished with the service or product. Including testimonials on your website is a great way to build brand awareness; however, having the reviews “in their own social media backyard” can reinforce the strength of your brand even further.

Engaging the customers who might not have taken the time to review your business on your website is a great way to gain valuable exposure and thus more leads, and the best part is that you don’t have to do anything extra for customer reviews other than asking and wait for them!

If you need your customers to leave reviews, consider offering a small incentive such as a discount towards their next purchase or a gift card. This incentive doesn’t have to be a massive marketing budget-buster–it can be as simple as saying “thank you” to a customer and giving them an entry to a drawing for a prize like a free inspection.

2. Company Announcements

Often you will find yourself limited to the predetermined promotional posts on social media when marketing for your electrician company. But there are alternatives that you can explore to get the job done. One such way is to supplement your promotional posts with company announcements, where you can introduce new projects, awards, or even new business hours.

Another idea for this type of content can be to report on industry news. The reason? It’s simply good to show that you are not only in the active industry but that you are informed of what’s happening around you. Your audience is more likely to trust others in your industry, regardless of category, if they see that that person is up to date on industry news.

In these types of posts, it’s suggested that your business stay consistent with custom brand colors, fonts, and style, so this will keep your business coming across as professional and reliable in your customer’s eyes. If you plan on posting industry news, utilize one of the preset voice templates from the internet or something that’s unique to you.

3. Before and After Pictures of Your Repairs

Electrician SEO gets more solar panel installation jobsDemonstrating to your customers the work that you do for them or how a product works before and after can be an extremely helpful way to show prospects what your business is capable of–and a great way to increase conversions.

Curating these types of posts is easy to do. After performing a service for a customer, simply take pictures of the area before you began your work. Then, after you complete the service, take pictures of the area after it’s been repaired. Then, share the photos with your audience through social media for all to see!

If you are an electrician who offers product installations as well, consider taking before and after pictures of the original installation site and then a picture of what it looks like after you have done the repair or component swap-out.

The tactical part of this is that you can offer specific products or services and have a great brand awareness campaign, in addition to referring your audience to your website or other social media links. This helps you build brand awareness and move to the stage of social conversions.

4. Tutorial Videos

Although the process of doing a tutorial video might seem tedious, it can be incredibly helpful to your audience. Tutorials help share information about products and services that they need to do their jobs, and they can be an easy way to convey information in a reliable and trustworthy way.

Being an electrician, you can consider creating a tutorial on how to properly install switches, fuses, outlets, or other components that you may offer. In a tutorial, you can explain how something works and offer tips or a recommended way to do it. By doing this, you’ll gain more leads, sales, and positive reviews of your work.

The content you post in your videos can be branded, where you can show your products or services, or it can be informational, or even a mix of the two.

5. Industry News

commercial electrical jobs after marketing investment pays offMany electricians want to stay up to date with the current industry news and happenings. However, not all of your customers have the same impulse to do so. It is advised to start sharing this industry news with your audience on a regular basis and positioning yourself as an expert in the industry.

As an industry expert, your audience will form a higher level of trust in you than if they see you as just a business among many.

Once you have established yourself as a trustworthy source in your industry, you can then introduce and promote your services and products–but when you do, you’ll already have a high level of trust built with your audience and are more likely to get better results from the efforts you put towards that end.


In today’s tech-driven society, it’s important for businesses to claim as many digital real estate spaces that they can in order to get continuous impressions over their target audience.

Although it’s not necessarily important to have a massive social media following, and you’re not obligated to share certain posts to your audience–you don’t want to make the mistake of alienating anyone.

By working with your customers, prospects, and others you know in your community, you can develop and implement well-organized social media strategy and post ideas–so that you are getting the biggest bang out of your social media efforts.